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Environmental Portraits

The goal with all my environmental portrait is to illuminate you, your life, and your surroundings.

Instagram Portraits

By standing out among the crowd, your photos can get more likes, better engagement, and ultimately more followers.

headshot portrait photographer

Headshot Portraits

A headshot portrait is a photograph of your face that usually includes shoulders. You can use the photo as a profile picture, a professional LinkedIn photo, a headshot to submit to agencies, etc.

graduation portrait photographer

Graduation Portraits

Graduation is not one or two stand alone photos, but rather a whole story about your memories in school.

creative portrait photographer

Creative Portraits

Photography is also about art. When so many portraits are being taken, sometimes you may want a more creative artistic portrait.

nature portrait photographer

Nature Portraits

Shooting in nature has become my favorite type of portrait photography and is a favorite among clients as well.

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Portrait Photography

Portrait photography, also known as portraiture, is a photograph of an individual or group of people. Portrait photography is one of the most popular forms of photography for good reason. Good portrait photography is about capturing the emotion and personality of the subject while taking into account the scene and background. The scene can be composed through effective lighting and backdrops, whether that be through natural means or studio lighting.


A good portrait can serve many purposes, from usage for personal uses, to professional images within a corporation. There are many different techniques and styles of portrait photography. My knowledge and experiences in the different forms of portrait photography allows me to approach a photo shoot with various ideas to ensure you receive the images you envisioned.


A good portrait photographer is able to tell a story within their image


A good portrait photographer is able to tell a story within their image. A big part of this comes with posing. Posing people for portrait photography can be tricky. I have learned what works and what does not over the years in order to capture that “natural look” while also ensuring the client is comfortable and has a memorable experience.

Even if you are not shy in front of a camera, it can be difficult to know what to do when standing in front of a camera. “What should I do with my hands,” or “How should I stand,” are common questions I receive on a photo shoot. To ensure your experience is comfortable, I will guide you and provide recommendations for how to “pose” to not only ensure don’t feel awkward in front of the camera, but to also ensure your images are flattering and that you look your best.

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