Orange County Photographer

Orange County, California is one of those classic Oceanside towns you’ll only find in California. If I were to describe the area in one word, it would be “sophisticated” and the portraits I shoot in and around the area will naturally show that.

Los Angeles Photographer

Los Angeles is the land of urban sprawl. With that said, because the city is so large and spread out, it acts as an almost limitless resource for photography of all varieties. I grew up in the Los Angeles region, so I’ve come to know the city well.

Huntington Beach Photographer

The weather is Huntington Beach, California is perfect for photography, no matter the variety. While imperfect weather (like rain or even snow) can lend a quality to portraits, nothing beats the simple and fair weather of Huntington Beach. You can shoot all day without worrying about a drop of rain. And more than likely, plan a shoot well ahead knowing perfectly well that it’ll be a dry and sunny day.

Irvine Photographer

Irvine California is a city situated within Orange County, California and while the city has much of the oceanfront charm that the rest of the county is known for, it has plenty of other sights to check out as well. To me, Irvine is one of the most polished locations in Orange County thanks to its heavy retail presence—that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Fountain Valley Photographer

Wikipedia calls Fountain Valley, California a “classic commuter town”, which seems to downplay what the area has to offer in the way of portrait photography. While many people may live here as a more cost-effective means to commute into the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas, there’s still plenty of perspectives to discover that will aid in your quest for a great portrait location.

Costa Mesa Photographer

Costa Mesa, California calls itself the “City of the Arts” due to its penchant to bring in entertainment thanks to its expansive theatre district. Part suburbia, part Californian coastal town, and part retail extravaganza, Costa Mesa is like a virtual Disneyland for adults.

Newport Beach Photographer

Newport Beach is one of those quickly-fading beach towns that still preserves much of its vintage charm. It has that old school Californian vibe—think of the superficial innocence of the Beach Boys and you’ve pretty much captured the energy of Newport Beach.

Laguna Beach Photographer

As a portrait photographer, I can make any location work when I’m photographing my models. However, Laguna Beach has a startling natural beauty, from its craggy beaches and tide pools to its cotton candy sunsets silhouetted by palms.

Fullerton Photographer

A lot of Californians might think of citrus when they think of Fullerton, California. The area has long been known for its seemingly endless groves of Valencia oranges. Some even say the whole town smells of it—which I wouldn’t mind at all!