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Cause For Celebration

Graduation Photography

Graduations are a very important life event for you and your family, and a cause for celebration. It is important to capture this moment on camera so you can relive this special moment throughout your lifetime.

Graduation portrait photos are about capturing the story. Graduation is not one or two stand alone photos, but rather a whole story about your graduation life. This is the goal I strive for when capturing your graduation photos. This could be a dozen photos or more that can include individual portraits, portraits with friends and family, abstracts, etc.

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Graduation Photography Posing

When it comes to graduation photography posing, there are a lot of options, and some poses are timeless. It is important that we have the gown, cap, and sash during the graduation photography session. The cap, gown, and sash will display your school, school colors, and possible accolades that you have achieved during your time in school.

Some timeless graduation photo poses are the formal portrait, a jumping portrait either with friends or by yourself, a portrait with friends, and a portrait of you tossing your cap. There are many other poses and variation to these poses, however, these are essential poses that should be captured during a graduation portrait photography session.

graduation portrait photographer
graduation portrait photographer

Familiar Setting

Graduation Photography Location

The location for a graduation photography session should mainly be at your school/university, however, we could also photograph at another location at your request. Some common locations on campus include in front of any major landmarks within your school, your specific major college building, and any favorite spots you used to visit or hang out at.

The best time to shoot graduation photos is up to you. From a photography standpoint, it is best to shoot when the sun is not directly overhead around noon as this will cause harsh shadows on your face. If we have no option, we can utilize open shade to capture great graduation photographs even in harsh conditions.

Look Back

Memories For Life

My goal is to have you look back at your graduation photos years down the road and be able to remember the great times you had at school and the joy or excitement you felt during graduation. In order to have a great graduation photography session, I love to discuss how to best capture the memories you want to capture during your graduation photography session.

During the pre-session consultation, we will discuss locations, posing, and everything else you want to let me know to ensure that you have memorable graduation photos that you and your family can smile and look back upon.

Your Next Portrait

Portrait Photography Services

Environmental Portraits

The goal with all my environmental portrait is to illuminate you, your life, and your surroundings.

Instagram Portraits

By standing out among the crowd, your photos can get more likes, better engagement, and ultimately more followers.

headshot portrait photographer

Headshot Portraits

You can use the photo as a profile picture, a professional LinkedIn photo, a headshot to submit to agencies, etc.

graduation portrait photographer

Graduation Portraits

Graduation is not one or two stand alone photos, but rather a whole story about your memories in school.

creative portrait photographer

Creative Portraits

Photography is also about art. When so many portraits are being taken, sometimes you may want a more creative artistic portrait.

nature portrait photographer

Nature Portraits

Shooting in nature has become my favorite type of portrait photography and is a favorite among clients as well.

photo retouching


Graduation Portrait Photo Retouching

Each portrait photography session includes post-production editing using state of the art photo editing software such as Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

I offer high-end portrait retouching using professional techniques (dodge and burning, frequency separation, etc.) and other editing services to ensure your photos are of the highest quality. 

The post-production retouching allows me to removes unwanted marks and blemishes on your face to ensure you receive the best portrait photos possible.


How will I receive the files?

You will receive the edited files within 2 weeks of your session. You will receive all of the files via WeTransfer, which is an easy + free email service. You can then send them to print, forward to your friends + family, and post online!

Download links expire after a few day so be sure to download your images as soon as possible!

What Am I Paying for Exactly?

Location scouting, posing tips, professional photo editing/retouching (color correction, tone adjustments, exposure adjustments, blemish/scar removal, teeth whitening, eye redness reduction, wrinkle/fine line removal), camera handling, my witty banter.

*small travel fee if outside Orange County

Do I get to select the images?

Part of my job is making the image selects and choosing the most flattering photos. I do not want to deliver images that are repeats, blurry, out of focus, shots of you blinking, or mid-sentence speaking.

I do not withhold any images, I only remove the “bad” ones based on the criteria listed above.

Can I edit the Images?

I ask that my clients do not add filters or crop any of the final edited images. I spend time ensuring the color balance and tones are correct in each image! If you want a particular edit style please let me know before the shoot and I can accommodate since I have experience editing many different styles.

What about time and location?

 I suggest blocking out 2 hours for your shoot the time. My timeframes are pretty generous. I usually wrap up earlier if I am able to shoot quickly.

I plan shoots based on one location and its surrounding area. There is a small additional fee for each additional “location.”

What if I need to cancel?

I ask for a $100 electronic non-refundable deposit to secure your session date + time. If you need to cancel you can put your deposit toward a re-schedule or you can have it refunded.

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